Wedding in Spain


Who we are:

Oh My Love Wedding Planners Spainut this wedding became my favorite thing. I love beautiful holidays, and I am inspired by stories of love. I like to create unique events and invest in their soul. The result of my work – it’s not shifting responsibility, and not a search for a million reasons why he has not made, and absolute success and, ultimately, the happy faces of the bride, groom and their guests. We have an excellent team comprised of wedding decoration specialists, wedding artists, designers, writers, performance artists, and stylists. Our dream team is one where it’s members share the views of each other and are guided by one common goal – at the same time, introducing joy and fun into the process is just as important as meeting your deadlines and exceeding your expectations!

Together with my camera-shy husband we are the founders, organizers and ideological inspirers of the driving force of our team. We live ideas and implement them. We are ready to be where you need us and create your unique and unforgettable story, because this is what we love and know how to do best!

Why choose us:

Over the years, the organization of weddings we have established a solid base of contacts, as we work only with reliable contractors and personally familiar with each of them. We bear full responsibility for the result of joint work and vouch that will pick up exactly the place for a wedding as you dream; technical part will be no unpleasant surprises, it is c such light and sound, as in the rider; decorators bring material precisely those colors and shades, as in our palette and everything goes as we planned.

  • We are in Europe and integrated into its culture: understand the local customs and peculiarities of the national character, know how to locate even the most recalcitrant of foreign contractors.
  • We speak almost all European languages, so with us you will avoid translation problems and will not waste your nerves, time and money to the organizers of the slow-moving, working through intermediaries and interpreters.
  • We draw on their projects not only contractors from Europe, but also the best specialists from Russia and CIS countries, so you and your guests will not have problems in communication with photographers, videographers, artists and leading. Only the best of the best will be present on your holiday.
  • We are working on each of the pins wedding “to” final fanfare. ” After we met, we write the script in an individual according to your preferences and select the right contractor, prepare riders and timings, prescribes technical sheets and coordinate everything that happens at the wedding. Individual approach sets us apart from others. Emotional direction and create a unique style of the wedding – just what you need to become a wedding is yours, and not one that was from your friends or acquaintances.
  • We are always accompanied by a draft to the final point: you just get the pictures and movies of your wedding, you will not have to worry about guest conductors and forgotten things in hotels, as well as to understand the additional accounts after the holiday ends.
  • All rights of our customers are protected by European law. We will make sure that all agreements, contracts and agreements with contractors were made correctly from the point of view of EU law.
  • We work according to the agreement and provide a detailed financial report, taking into account all your expenses.
    Portfolio weddings and feedback from our customers are the most compelling argument of all those listed above.