“Muravnik Photography”
Workshop Marina and Alexey for fine art photography
in Barcelona, Spain
on April 7-10, 2016


From 7 to 10 April 2016 in Barcelona held a workshop “Muravnik Photography” for fine art photography.
The workshop was attended by 14 photographers from Russia, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Shvetsarii, Latvia and the Czech Republic.
Over the organization and conduct of the workshop worked team professionals from Russia and Spain, led by “Oh My love” WEDDING PLANNERS.


The main characters love story became a real couple, Lisa and Claudio, the wedding which will be held in the summer of 2017.

Photo by Marina Muravnik and participants of the workshop were scattered around the world and have been published in the most popular blogs about weddings (Style Me Pretty, OnceWed, Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge, Ruffled Blog, 100 layers cake, Belles & Bubbles, Burnett ‘s boards, Hochzeitsguide).
a major magazine about weddings in Russia “Wedding” dedicated to our history a few turns with Fineart beautiful photos Marina and Alexey.

We want to say thank you to all the participants of the project and “Muravnik Photography” for their confidence and their work, and we offer you to enjoy the wonderful story in detail and Lisa love Claudio!


She is beautiful, from cool Sweden. He’s good-looking, sun-burned from Chile. Fate brought them to the Mediterranean in Barcelona.
Easy coolness flowing silk and ocher brick walls Spanish estates of the Middle Ages. Noble gold glitter and magic in lush gardens of the Renaissance. Blinding Lights cold and frozen diamonds in the color of caramel shining azure zirconia. Restraint luxury floral arrangements of orchids, ranyunkulusov, roses, peonies and jasmine with decorative copper in the rays of the setting sun of Catalonia.
Our inspiration breathes light and languid Spain late afternoon.
The story, created under the notes of pale golden Shardane. History, has preserved a whole taste and elegance of refined luxury at the sweetness of vanilla Spanish sky. Thus was born the idea of the history of Lisa and Claudio.


Morning of the bride, we have dedicated “letter of generations.” Theme style of writing of the eternal, of the “words of love” through times and ages – this is our starting point of inspiration. Nothing extra. Bride on a background of classical masonry walls of the medieval manor. She writes a letter to her lover on the eve of the wedding, bringing the intricate letters on plain paper roadway. In her boudoir vintage model, muted colors cream dessert, shoes carelessly thrown on the floor. Typical of the 16th century, a desk table, a comfortable chair, an old ink pen and chiseled brass. Table bride supplemented bottle color and perfume of honey syrup tin old vase with a composition of Peony- roses, peonies, and flowering branches from the garden of the estate. From jewelry to the bride – ring Aged zirconium diamond edging.


Ceremony. Unity with nature, full of harmony. It is felt in every detail, from the air, weightless style of bride, next to the monumental classic way of the groom, and ending with sophisticated orchids in the decoration on the backs of chairs forged.All this scenery emerald green landscape gardens with classical statues of the Renaissance. Beautiful views of the sea. All this affects the viewer pomp and luxury, but at the same time looks subtly, elegantly, easily and strongly. The beauty of the moment frozen in the photographs in the rays of the setting sun. Perhaps the desire for harmony was our main goal. Create a story that is full of elegant simplicity and a sense of taste and style. How to keep originality and ease of the moment? – Moderation in all things. This is a Fine-art. It is an art.


It was important to develop a theme of elegant simplicity throughout the entire project line. We chose an old silverware tableware, patinated gold powder, combined with classic dishes, decorated with 24-carat gold ornaments. Crystal glasses and antique bronze candlesticks – lightness and weightlessness paired with a fundamental part of composite centers serving. And all this on the canvas silk tablecloth. The best supplement composition steel vintage gilded vase with floral arrangements of orchids, Peony- roses, peonies, jasmine and garden flowers.


The concept of the speaker, organization @muravnik
organization, coordination, planning @ohmylove_wedding
decor, floral, concept @sweetwilliam_wedding
Special guest: @carmencitalab