In preparation for your wedding you will work personal wedding manager. It is your counselor, your personal consultant, your answer to the question “what, how, when, why,” and even your best friend and reliable support for the duration of your wedding planning.

We are always in touch, clearly and quickly prepare all the necessary information about the course of preparations, doing business correspondence, the necessary linguistic translations, Bookkeeping and payments coordination.

We ourselves were brides and once gone planning our own weddings.
Do we know what the excitement and sleepless nights in search of what is needed for our perfect day? – Well, of course!

So many times we have experienced it again and again, working on each of our weddings. Therefore, we fully understand you and offer the best that can give a modern wedding market.

Your peace of mind and comfort – our responsibility:

  • Choosing the perfect wedding venue for you
  • Recommendation hotels, villas, mansions and castles to accommodate you and your guests
  • Transport logistics and selection of the right transport company
  • Development of the wedding scenario
  • Zoning location for cocktails, ceremony, cocktail reception, lounge areas, a banquet, a dance floor, stage, and so on. D.
  • Proper budget allocation largest share in the project
  • Preparation and optimization of project cost
  • Choosing necessary specialists contractors
  • Prescription riders, technical sheets
  • The order and selection of colors and decor

  • The order and selection of the technical part of the project (light, sound)
  • Tricks, artists and animators
  • Drawing up the menu and the restaurant prescription logistics
  • Working with the wine and bar list
  • Order and purchase of special wines and spirits
  • Assigning timings and preparatory work before the wedding all contractors and participants
  • Wedding rehearsal
  • Organization of hen and stag
  • Coordination and control of the events of the wedding day
  • Post-project management (closing accounts, selection of photos and video materials)




We understand how important it is to hold the wedding in a beautiful location with good festive menu and wine selection.
Yes, and it is equally important to invite artists and organize a spectacular show program, but also the visual component is important.
That’s when every detail is in place, and create a complete picture and the integrity of the entire event.

Our emphasis to create a unified stylistic image of your wedding:

  • Conceptual development card decor and flower arranging
  • Simulation of Space (sketches and 3D modeling)
  • Graphic design and printing wedding
  • Work on the sketches cake and desserts Design
  • Selection and order of furniture and home accessories and table
  • Individual work with the stylist in the choice of the newlyweds images
  • Recommendations for the dress code for guests
  • Guidelines for Compliance uniform dress code for the wedding day running team of contractors

Planning a wedding is more complicated than you think, of course, if you are amateur in the field.
To keep under control the entire wedding day – also not an easy task, that’s why you need a team with professional experience and quenching. Sometimes at the site we are working with dozens of contractors and all must be on time, everything should be on the timings.
That is why we are the first to arrive at the wedding venue, supervise the implementation of all tasks, accept a job, constantly supervise all of the events and we are the last to leave your holiday.
We do not only work on the day of wedding coordination, and do not offer “package travel” organizations weddings templates.



We value our reputation and take responsibility for each team member, creating a holiday and choose our specialists, who will provide the right atmosphere at your wedding from the first meeting with you to bid farewell to the last guest.

  • We always show you what you should pay attention to, and that we should not waste time
  • We are driven by perfectionism and love for high art, the thirst for beauty and creativity
  • We appreciate your time and trust
  • Discipline, creativity, but discipline. at all times
  • Precise organization and personal planning – our priorities

  • We are working on the result, even when all the rest
  • We know how to make a holiday and create a unique atmosphere
  • We are always available and ready to tackle any task
  • We work with professionals and guarantee the quality of services
  • It is important that the preparation for the holiday was the nice part, rather than a chore, so we take care of all the difficulties
  • We work with love. Each project for us – it is the whole world, and we love our customers
  • We are pleased to offer you the services you did not think, but additional services of interest to you and you use it with pleasure.




Our concierge service

  • Organization of view of potential areas of your wedding venue
  • Personal shopping for fashionable European salons in search of the perfect dress, costume and accessories
  • Rehearsal images, make-up and hairstyles to the best European stylists
  • Order jewelery by individual sketches
  • Organization of tasting menus and cakes
  • Consultation with the sommelier at the choice of wines and the correct type of glasses for each type of beverage

  • Organization of stag and hen parties
  • Organization of beauty for the bride tour (visit SPA, beauty and wellness treatments)
  • Organization of events with guests before the wedding and the planning of the program on the day after the wedding
  • A choice of beautiful locations for photoshoots
  • Organization of filming love-story and trash the dress
  • Organization honeymoon


We are not looking for the number of weddings, as we focus our attention on the quality and results. Therefore, we do not seek to increase the number of weddings each wedding gets 100% of our strength, focus and inspiration. We make high-level events, so our fee is directly related to the level of responsibility. Before starting to work, we are ready to offer and show our vision of the wedding day. If you are willing to entrust us with your celebration, we will sign a contract and begin the painstaking and thoughtful process of creating your wedding in Europe. The fee for the wedding organization is 10% of the event budget.