Morning Of The Bride

“I want my every morning was just as fabulous as it is today!” – Exclaimed one of our bride.
Pre-wedding photo shoot, tenderly called “the morning of the bride” – it is always a special magic, this mystery that turns an ordinary girl into a real heroine of the upcoming celebration. Surely, you have already read more than one article on the subject and have seen a lot of photo shoots, dedicated to “the morning of the bride.” So, you already imagine yourself in the exquisite interiors include mirrors, paintings and fresh flowers. In your mind’s eye already have a fantasy about what it is, is your perfect morning bride. But if everything is as simple as it seems?
In this article, we would like to tell you about the most common mistakes brides planning their own pre-wedding photo shoot, but also we will share our experience in organizing “the morning of the bride” and give some useful practical tips.
The process of preparing a wedding abroad – it is an event in the event that you need to think through to the smallest detail. Of course, you want to catch everything and painted travel plans by leaps and bounds. After all, you have a wedding in Europe promises to be an exciting adventure! And, sure, you have already made a list of sights to see for the most interesting tourist spots. And romantic walks with her beloved, shopping with her friends in a restaurant with family and friends .. It often happens that in the process of preparing for a wedding abroad, the bride so impressed by the journey, that they forget about the nuances of planning the wedding. And as often happens, that “Morning Bride” remains in the girls mind only a beautiful picture, which they saw in the fashion of wedding blogs, but the plot is that it was not possible to implement.
So, let’s understand how to organize the “Morning of the bride.”

The atmosphere and mood.

To make spectacular photos, enough accessories and beautiful surroundings. Here it is important the correct attitude, which helps you to be liberated, to feel at ease in front of the camera. One common mistake brides – to call for the photo shoot “spectators.” Whether it’s family, girlfriends or even gather at the site photographing all the guests who came to the wedding. This can happen if all of the guests and the couple settled on a villa or a castle-hotel, where the wedding will take place. If you have a good wedding planner, he will find the right words to dissuade you from idea to invite the “support group” in the shooting, “the morning of the bride”, and can arrange various activities for friends and family, so that everyone was having fun. But if you plan your wedding your own, make sure in advance of your visit and the fact that no one bothers you and does not interfere with the photographer who works with you on a photo shoot. It is particularly important to maintain an intimate chamber atmosphere, if you shoot “Morning Bride” in the boudoir style.
Photoshoot “morning bride” is better to spend a few days before the wedding.
Do not try to keep up with one day more possible. Wedding celebration rich in events, it is not necessary to complicate the day with additional filming, your morning will start early and let it be pleasant and calm. Such advice we give to our brides and their wedding day, a bride classic photoshoot fees by providing a “morning bride” special day is the wedding fuss.
Do we have to get a good result as the beautiful pictures and a tranquil relaxed bride who enjoys the process of photo shoot.


Never, under any circumstances, do not skimp on the services of a professional stylist. Even if you’re a fan of lipsticks and blush, and your cosmetic bag is armed with the most fashionable means, even if your aunt from childhood curlers and twists you know everything about your hair – the level of professional and amateur work is always visible in the photographs. And believe me, even if you have an expensive photographer and hope for retouching, not a quality makeup and bad hair does not hide.
Needless to say that it is important to carefully approach the selection of the team of photographers and videographers? – Of course, the answer is obvious: “Morning Bride” – an important emotional moment, which does not repeat, so you need to choose a team of professionals responsible, to remain in the memory of the most important and bright moments.